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New Year

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Goddess Diet for Youthful Looking Skin

Do you want to know the secret to maintaining youthful and healthy looking skin and keeping your inner Goddess or Titan energized? To continue my health and wellness journey, and in keeping my heart chakra balanced, I am having fruits and vegetables at every single meal and drinking lots of herbal teas and water as part of my daily diet.  In addition to that, I don't even crave sweets, coffee, carbs, or wine at all.…
January 24, 2016
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New Year, New Beginning, New Goddess

Ending a 3.5 hour hike in the mountains with yoga stretches on the beach is so refreshing and rejuvenating. The past three years have been a very interesting journey for me. Divorcing my soulmate and best friend, moving into a new home without a garden, launching my goddess sanctuary and lifestyle boutique, and dealing with the ups and downs along the way...all of this made me even stronger, more grounded, and more…
January 10, 2016
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tu-anh’s “What Not To Do” on New Years Day

Do you like my flower arrangement? Yay! I am done with my "tu-do" list in preparation for the new year. When that clock strikes midnight tonight, where will you be?  Will you be drunk at some party kissing a stranger?  Or out with a bunch of depressed singles?  In my Vietnamese culture, we believe that what you do on the 1st of the year reflects your whole year.  Below I…
December 31, 2013
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My “tu-dos” before New Years Eve!

Loved my spa day at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando and will recreate my own spa at home tonight :) As promised, I am sharing with you my progress regarding the list from last week's post. I am about 95% done with everything on the list.  The two things that I have to work on finishing up are writing thank you notes and the relationship check ups.  Obviously that department will take time…
December 30, 2013
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What tu-anh Will Do Before 2014

Stretching outside of beach house #34 of Castle Hill Inn.  I am all about creating balance.  Doing yoga and meditation this past year has helped me tremendously and I will continue to do more of that in 2014. Can you believe it?  Another year has passed.  As we say goodbye to 2013, here is another opportunity for a fresh start. The next two weeks for me will be all about…
December 15, 2013