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Traveling in Style

Hiking in the town of Cabrera, DR. The cutie in the back wants my hat! (Photo: Colleen Wolak) Greetings, it has been awhile, and I am back from a much needed Goddess sabbatical. If you live where I live - or have traveled to many major cities - I will bet that you have come across people who you instantly know are tourists, especially the North Americans (*smiles*).  I really never understood the concept…
March 7, 2017

Venus is in the Air

It's the sweet, pretty little flowers that brighten my day. This past winter was very inconsistent and moody. I am so happy that spring has arrived - this is my favorite season ever! Perhaps it's because Venus rules me, but spring is a time for rebirth and renewal.  I recently shared with you about how to make this season the time for a fresh green start in your life.  But that's just…
April 18, 2016
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New Year, New Beginning, New Goddess

Ending a 3.5 hour hike in the mountains with yoga stretches on the beach is so refreshing and rejuvenating. The past three years have been a very interesting journey for me. Divorcing my soulmate and best friend, moving into a new home without a garden, launching my goddess sanctuary and lifestyle boutique, and dealing with the ups and downs along the way...all of this made me even stronger, more grounded, and more…
January 10, 2016