A Fresh Green Start

My lovely hibiscus cared for from my very own green thumb.
My lovely hibiscus cared for from my very own green thumb.

Usually when I’m talking greens to you, it has always been in the context of healthy eating. 🙂  But today I want to talk about what you put on your body instead.  After all, spring has arrived and it’s Cherry Blossom season in DC, so I’m thinking about fresh colors for warmer weather.

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Goddess Shopping and Designing in Mexico

From our Resort and Early Spring Collection, cotton dress made in India and hat hand-made in Mexico.

One of the things I love so much about traveling besides experiencing the food, the music, the people and the culture overall of the place I am visiting is the chance to shop for beautiful hand-made things. To continue raising my goddess vibration from my recent New Year’s Wellness Retreat, I have decided to go back to my Winter Sanctuary in Mexico at La Casa Que Canta for a work and play retreat. This so far has been so wonderful. I feel not only healthy and happy, but so full of life and creativity. I have been so inspired on this trip that I am creating a beautiful and goddessly collection of jewels that I cannot wait to bring back to our Goddess Sanctuary and share it with our style goddess fans. Here are just a few photos I want to share with you so you can experience a little of Mexico.

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