Santorini, My Love

Bag and gold necklace bought last year in Mykonos, dress bought off the beach in Ibiza this past May

So I have shared with you how much I love visiting the Greek Islands, and I hope you have enjoyed all of the photos from my recent buying trip.  Before returning home, I had to visit Santorini, where my future vacation home will be (smiles). The views are stunning and the water oh so blue.  Next year, I will be returning for much longer to rejuvenate and re-energize and of course, not in August. It was so hot and sunny that I got a tan from just walking around. It must be the white, the blue water, the clean surroundings and being so high up- so dreamy and romantic. See for yourself in the photos below!

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Venetian Harbour of Chania, Crete

photo 5 (9)

I can’t be in Rethymno, Crete without visiting Chania’s beautiful Venetian Harbour. The old port is pretty and much bigger than Rethymno.  From Rethymno, we took a comfortable one-hour bus ride to Chania for less than 10 Euros.  Like Rethymno, Chania is also full of shopping, churches, old buildings, cafes, restaurants, and many smokers.  We even saw a very old woman with no teeth smoking outside the bus station in the heat.  How sad! But overall, it was a fun, but humid, day.  My favorite part of that day was probably shopping at Juke Box music store where the owner, George A. Korkidis, was so nice, helpful and a lot of fun.  He made our music shopping such an experience that we will always remember Chania for.  Enjoy the slide show below of my photos.  For those of you viewing this from your email, click on the post title to view the photos in your browser. Until next post.

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