My Healthy 3-Minute Meals For The Busy Professional

Happy Sunday!  As you are getting ready for another productive week and stocking up your fridge, why not try making your own meals this week?

Would you like to know how I stay energized and productive at work all day long with the energy of a teenager?  Well, the secret is in the mind and the body. So besides fueling your mind with positive and productive thoughts, you must also fuel your body with the proper foods, foods that energize you.  So what are you putting in your body during your work week?  I often hear executives tell me that they don’t eat healthy because they do not have time to.  But in reality, eating healthy does not have to take up much time at all.  Below I have shared with you a few of my 3-minute healthy recipes for the busy professionals. And yes it takes just 3 minutes or less for each – I timed it myself. 🙂

Keep things simple with fresh ingredients and assemble your ingredients ahead of time on Sundays when you go grocery shopping.  See below for very simple, easy, and quick meal options for your busy day.  As long as you have a kitchen, sink, and fridge at the office, then you are really good to go.  Stay tuned for more of my healthy eats in the near future…

Much love,  tu-anh

Breakfast option: spinach tortilla, cheddar, avocado, eggs, and fresh spinach.
Lunch option: spinach, shredded chicken, onion, walnuts, avocado, chopped kale, sriracha hot sauce, black pepper, sea salt, olive oil, and fresh lemon squeeze.  This will give you a boost of energy, too.  To drink: unsweetened cranberry juice with sparking water or green tea.
Afternoon energy booster: nonfat plain yogurt, avocado, spinach, crushed ice, and banana for a smoothie.
Another breakfast option: berries, granola, and almond milk
Dinner with a glass of wine: spinach, avocado, corn, seaweed, crushed almonds, olive oil, sea salt, lemon and pepper.

Balance is Key: Heavy Lunch, Walk it Off, Then Light on the Dinner.

spinach salad with cheese patties and cherry tomatoes on olive oilYesterday I shared about the importance of starting each day with a healthy and hearty breakfast, even while on holiday.  It might seem tempting to “cheat” on your diet while travelling, but you will feel better and enjoy your travels more when you fuel your body properly.

To that end, I wanted to share with you a few of the tasty meals I have been enjoying so far, like the spinach salad with cheese patties and cherry tomatoes in olive oil and vinegar that you see me enjoying to the left.  Below are highlights from a few of other favorites.  The pasta dish is not exactly healthy, but that is why I had it for lunch instead.  Then I walked it all off for the next 3 hours and dinner was on the lighter side before a night on the town sipping on cocktails…

On some days I will spurge by having a glass of wine with lunch or just a refreshing yogurt with berries dessert after my salad.
Glass of chilled wine with my pasta lunch below….
Not exactly healthy, but I had to try the homemade pasta with olive oil and parmesan and arugula on top, paired with some chilled wine.
Homemade pasta with olive oil and parmesan and arugula on top, .
One evening's dinner featured grilled seafood on bed of steamed spinach - I wish you could try a bite!
Dinner-grilled seafood on a bed of steamed spinach with lemon juice in olive oil on the side