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My Old Soul and Its Quest for Love

When your heart is open and balanced, your plants can feel it, too! I am really not bothered by my high expectations in others, especially in my future forever "til death do us part" partner in crime and lover. You have to be a very self-aware and secure man in your own confident Titan skin to handle a modern day goddess like moi.  Since my divorce four years ago, I…
August 9, 2017
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Five Things That My Voluptuous Chihuahua Has Taught Me.

Nini vacationing in Florida for the winter. Everyone who knows me well also knows about Nini, my beloved and full-figured Chihuahua.  The two of us have been together many years and in that time I have learned so much from her!  She helps calm me down when I am anxious and stressed. She is my little stable rock. I feel safe and at ease with her around me.  Even though…
January 26, 2014