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16 Reasons Why I Got a Dog Instead of a Cat.

Everyone in my life who are close to me know how crazy-obsessed I am with cats because of their feminine, sensual, and spiritually enchanting energy. In addition to that, they are independent and don't require much to be happy other than food, water, a litter box and plenty of alone time to lounge around and sleep or just be lazy. They are also naturally clean and quiet creatures as well…
May 20, 2020
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Could You Use More Or Less White In Your Life?

My holiday stay at Myconian Luxury Villa Many people often think that white is the absence of color and can be boring.  But it is actually the opposite: white is the blending of all of the colors of the spectrum.  It represents a fresh start, a new beginning.  As a designer and an artist, I get excited when thinking of a blank white canvas.  To me, it means play time,…
August 31, 2013