"A sanctuary for the awakened titan and his goddess"

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Alexandria, VA 22314


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tu-anh Boutique is a breathtaking goddess sanctuary for the modern day woman which offers a soothing, magical world of mystery, beauty, and light. It is an intimate, poetic retreat for the feminine soul, a special place to recharge and rejuvenate the energy from within and let your inner goddess emerge and liberate you. The mesmerizing natural scents of the bath and body luxury collection will soothe you into a state of total relaxation, where you will no longer know what ails you, and you will feel completely enlightened.

In this alluring space, your senses are awakened, and your heart will crave everything you see, touch, and experience forevermore. Tu-anh has passionately embraced the art of all things beautiful, feminine, stylish, and artisan-crafted with a unique story from her world travels.

When you enter tu-anh sanctuary for the modern day goddess, it is all about releasing your inhibitions and allowing tu-anh and her nurturing staff to take you away into a world of total pampering and self-love. Kindly request a tour of the sanctuary to get the full experience. Immerse yourself into the relaxing, soft lull of tender surroundings which garner the spirit into a state of pure marvel and bliss. It is such a pretty place and the only destination in the Washington, DC-area that your heart needs and desires. Book your appointment today for a tantalizing experience of sensuality and beauty… and allow us the honor to escort you through your journey of self-love. After a visit with us, you will be touched by the love of tu-anh… your life, too, will become a love affair, and you will never be the same after meeting tu-anh, a true pilgrim of beauty, love, and light.

To schedule a private complimentary life, beauty, or image consultation with tu-anh, please send an email to info@tu-anh.com or stop by our sanctuary on Saturdays and meet with tu-anh in person and pick her creative mind on life, fashion, beauty, love, travel, spirituality…and whatever else your heart allows you to share.



You can also shop online with my exclusive collection at tu-anhboutique.com