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Secrets to a Healthy Heart Chakra

I never start my day without my meditation, gratitude, and fresh green smoothie. In my last post, I shared with you the #1 Goddess Rule- Listen to Your Heart.  Interestingly, a few of you emailed me and said that you do not trust your heart.   I am guessing it is because your heart chakra must be blocked and out of balance. The heart chakra is where love, compassion, kindness, respect, and…
July 19, 2015
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Heal Your Wounded Heart With Music

It has been awhile since I have written. I have not been feeling much inspiration to write or blog lately. It could be the winter blues or the lack of Vitamin D. Perhaps my heart may be a bit wounded at the moment. I am taking this time to go deep within and do a little bit of soul searching and even a little life/relationship assessment on myself.  All I can say is…
March 24, 2015
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Around the World with tu-anh-Italy

This year, my plan is to bring culture and the world to you. Once a month, we will be hosting "Around the World with tu-anh" special events  in our  goddess sanctuary where you can experience culture right in your own city. My dear friend Todd, a lover of all things Italian, graciously offered to help me co-host the first one "A Night in Italy". Nothing serious, just handsome men, good Italian wine and cheese,…
January 27, 2015
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Let Me Kiss You

Let Me Kiss You, don't you just love the title of this song? I am finalizing the soundtrack for next week's Fashion of Goodwill Runway Show this weekend. You have heard some of my choices so far. Below are some more that I know you will love.  By the way, did I tell you that tu-anh Boutique will also have personalized soundtracks? I will be working with DJ Heather Femia on that. (more…)
September 12, 2014
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Which Artist Will Open Up The Show?

I have shared with you in my previous posts how music is a big part of my inspiration, so I am excited to share with you my music direction for the Fashion of Goodwill Runway Show this year. Below are some of my all-time favorite songs. I'm still deciding which one will open up the show. What do you think? Oh by the way, did I tell you that my blog readers get…
September 10, 2014
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Keep The Accessory Simple…With Just A Belt!

Do you ever struggle when it comes to accessorizing your wardrobe to make it look unique and stylish? Do you feel like you don't know which earrings, belt, shoes, or the perfect accessory to wear with your dress?  Then you must come to the Good as New fashion event next Tuesday, April 22 at the beautiful EPIC YOGA DC.  My team and I will be there to help you. It's easy…
April 16, 2014
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You’re Invited: “Good As New” Fashion Trunk Show Benefiting Goodwill of Greater Washington

We know how much you love shopping for a bargain and being socially responsible at the same time, so we have something fun and exciting in store for you coming up. On April 22, 2014, my Polished by tu-anh team and I invite you to join us at the “Good As New” Fashion Trunk Show benefiting Goodwill of Greater Washington.  So no more waiting impatiently until September for the Big Annual…
March 12, 2014
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My “tu-dos” before New Years Eve!

Loved my spa day at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando and will recreate my own spa at home tonight :) As promised, I am sharing with you my progress regarding the list from last week's post. I am about 95% done with everything on the list.  The two things that I have to work on finishing up are writing thank you notes and the relationship check ups.  Obviously that department will take time…
December 30, 2013