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Can You Smell The Roses?

Sensual, healing, and luxurious: Sampling of scents for tu-anh whipped body creme Finally! After several months of testing and experimenting, we have finally narrowed down the ingredients, scents, and packaging for our luxurious and therapeutic whipped body creme collection.  Perfect timing before the official opening day of tu-anh boutique.  I am not sure if you knew, but smell plays a much more important role in our well-being than any of the…
October 9, 2014
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Eating Healthy Doesn’t Have To Be Boring…

Sharing a tuna salad with Nini at Society Fair. I hope that you had a great 4th of July holiday weekend. I am sure you spent the long weekend eating, barbecuing, celebrating, and other fun, but not so healthy activities. It's now time to get back into your healthy habits. A diet full of greens will not only energize you, but will also heal your Heart Chakra, too! Don't forget your exercise and…
July 7, 2014
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Keep Your Workspace Positive and Get Things Done.

From Polished by tu-anh garden into client's office. I have always been a big believer in creating a positive, happy, and healthy work environment. This is why I incorporate honesty, appreciation, good feng shui, and healthy eating habits all into the culture of Polished by tu-anh. Just ask anyone from my team-we are not your typical work environment! We are all crazy-crazy good! I let my team have the freedom to…
June 27, 2014
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Five Reasons Why You Should Shop At Farmers’ Markets

Every Sunday morning, you will find me at West End Farmers Market in Alexandria picking up my fruits, veggies and flowers for the up coming week. There are so many reasons why I love shopping at farmers markets - not only does is support local small businesses, but it reminds me of Vietnam and my travels to Europe, Asia, and Mexico where these types of markets are an everyday event. If you…
June 22, 2014
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Keep The Accessory Simple…With Just A Belt!

Do you ever struggle when it comes to accessorizing your wardrobe to make it look unique and stylish? Do you feel like you don't know which earrings, belt, shoes, or the perfect accessory to wear with your dress?  Then you must come to the Good as New fashion event next Tuesday, April 22 at the beautiful EPIC YOGA DC.  My team and I will be there to help you. It's easy…
April 16, 2014
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Do You Trust Your Intuition?

I took this photo on a cold Sunday afternoon while taking Nini, my voluptuous Chihuahua for a walk. It was calm, cold, but beautiful. Sometimes it is hard to do what you know is right for you when everyone else is telling you that it is wrong.  Looking back, there have been a few situations in my life where I should have listened to my intuition.  If I had listened to what…
March 30, 2014
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You’re Invited: “Good As New” Fashion Trunk Show Benefiting Goodwill of Greater Washington

We know how much you love shopping for a bargain and being socially responsible at the same time, so we have something fun and exciting in store for you coming up. On April 22, 2014, my Polished by tu-anh team and I invite you to join us at the “Good As New” Fashion Trunk Show benefiting Goodwill of Greater Washington.  So no more waiting impatiently until September for the Big Annual…
March 12, 2014