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Goddess Rule #2 – Honoring Your Body

Aphrodite, the goddess that inspires my life. In order to live life like a true goddess, there are 11 rules that you must remember to honor. My post on July 11th, Goddess Rule #1, inspired some of you to make dramatic changes in your life, from pursuing the career of your dreams, to leaving an unsatisfying relationship, to changing your place of residence. I want you to know that it meant a lot to me and I am…
September 9, 2015
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Secrets to a Healthy Heart Chakra

I never start my day without my meditation, gratitude, and fresh green smoothie. In my last post, I shared with you the #1 Goddess Rule- Listen to Your Heart.  Interestingly, a few of you emailed me and said that you do not trust your heart.   I am guessing it is because your heart chakra must be blocked and out of balance. The heart chakra is where love, compassion, kindness, respect, and…
July 19, 2015
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Made in America with Love

One of my favorite things about living in America is the freedom to make your dreams come true. Nothing can compare to living in the land of opportunities where you can create almost anything that your heart desires, and I really mean it.  What better time is there than summer to commit to looking your best, inside and out?  Around this time last year, I shared with you about how healthy eating doesn't…
July 2, 2015
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Healing My Childhood Wound With Candles

It's all about the Yin and Yang energy. Candle burning has been an ancient practice for thousands of years in many cultures around the world. The act of lighting a candle itself to me is already therapeutic and calming in addition to connecting me with my guardian angels from above. For many years now, I have been using candles to de-stress from a crazy day, to set a romantic mood for my inner…
March 29, 2015
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3 Things I Will Do Before The New Year

By now, you have already figured out that I am a very spiritual person and a big believer of Feng Shui and how it can affect your life both bad and good. Although I have been extremely busy with our new boutique and showroom, I am making time each day, little by little, to do the following before the New Year. (more…)
December 22, 2014
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Stop and Smell the Oils

I am happy to say that our newly launched aromatherapy body luxury collection of cremes, soaps, and bath deliquescences are getting an amazing response.  And most surprisingly, the men really appreciate it much more than I thought. They are using it not just on their bodies, but as face creams, too. :) For those of you who have been asking, I am in the works of creating candles and fragrances…
December 20, 2014
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Holiday Shopping For A Cause

If you have not had a chance to give our boutique a visit, I would like to extend an exclusive invitation for you to join us at tu-anh Boutique in Old Town Alexandria on Tuesday, December 2 for some holiday shopping benefiting We Will Survive Cancer, a nonprofit that provides support to families of cancer victims who lack the time, financial, or other resources to adequately address their needs. Over the years, I…
November 18, 2014
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Are You Seeing 11:11, Too?

I probably see this at least once a day, sometimes, 11:11am, 1:11pm, 11:11pm When I was younger, my friends used to tell me to make a wish every time we saw 11:11 on the clock.  But it never really meant something until almost two years ago.  I was going through a place in life where - from the outside - it seemed that I had it all.  But deep down inside, there was…
November 11, 2014
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Heal Your Body With Luxury

Vanilla, lavender, and patchouli bath fizzies with lavender and roses from my garden If you have been following my recent posts, you saw the debut of "Earth Goddess" and "Chemistry"- the custom scents from my aromatherapy body luxury collection that we will be selling at tu-anh boutique. Here are a few more from the collection. These products were exclusively made for tu-anh boutique from my original, secret recipes. They are made from natural ingredients,…
October 27, 2014
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Introducing “Earth Goddess” by tu-anh

"A Glimpse of Light" by Siya Oum In my honest opinion, every woman has an inner goddess and every man wants to be with one.  After weeks of polling and surveying the ladies, we finally came up with the name for the feminine scent of our luxurious body creme made from essential oils. Introducing..... "Earth Goddess" A sensuous symbol of life: a woman adored by men for her beauty and confidence…
October 12, 2014