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Classic Black and White

More from the DC Goodwill Runway Show: Scene 3 is the sharp contrast of black and white.  This scene makes a bold statement and shows that the absence of color can still be just as fun and sexy as the vibrant reds and stunning neutrals I showed you in the other two scenes. As you can see below, the combination of black and white - or just black or just…
September 30, 2013
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Neutrals Can Be Exciting, too!

Here is another collection from the DC Goodwill Fashion Show that surprised the audience with excitement from all three sides of the runway (and even from the balcony!), which just goes to show that wearing neutrals does not have to be boring. This fall neutrals are everywhere, from accessories to outerwear to red carpets.  As you can see below, neutrals come in a wide range of hues, from subtle metallics…
September 29, 2013
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Setting the Stage with Red

I'm so glad that you all are enjoying the photos from the DC Goodwill Runway Show & Gala that I have been sharing on Facebook and Twitter! Today I'm sharing with you the opening scene from the show-Reds.   As I mentioned in last week's blog, the color red conveys many things, especially love, power, confidence, and sex appeal which is why I always keep fresh red flowers in my bedroom.  One…
September 28, 2013
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Here’s Your Fashion Show Playlist

Last week I shared with you a preview of the music for the Fashion of Goodwill Runway Show & Gala that I directed, choreographed and styled.  So many of you who attended the event this past Tuesday have reached out and asked me about the music! So here it is! See below for the sexy soundtrack that DJ Heather Femia and I put together that was the centerpiece of the event.  Don't these…
September 27, 2013
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Your Very Own Fashion Show Soundtrack!

Tomorrow is the big day - the 2013 Fashion of Goodwill Runway Show & Gala!!  Whenever I'm getting ready for a big event, music selection is always my favorite part.  To get you in the mood, I'm revealing to you an exclusive sampling of the runway music DJ Heather Femia and I have selected.  Saxophonist Johnny Long is performing live in the show as well.  From the moment you enter the event,…
September 23, 2013
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Red: Love, Power, Confidence, and Sex Appeal

We are less than a week away from one of the most exciting  and fashionable nights in DC, the Fashion of Goodwill Runway Show & Gala!  I wanted to give you a little behind-the-scenes glimpse and, as you can see, the color red is going to play a major role in this fashion show! Red means different things to different groups and cultures but it is almost universally recognized as a…
September 19, 2013
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The Marriage Advice That Every Man Needs To Read

Yesterday I was watching The Today Show when a particular guest caught my attention.  His name is Gerald Rogers and he is a life coach and motivational speaker and what he shared made my heart melt with emotions.  Gerald just went through a divorce after 16 years of marriage and recently he shared on Facebook his 20 tips of what he would have done differently in his marriage. I am moved…
September 13, 2013
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What Will You Be Wearing on September 24th?

September 24 is the big Fashion Fundraiser where I am the creative director and visionary.  ("The Art of Fashion").  It's very exciting since all the pieces are coming together.  My team and I just finished fitting the first round of models.   This week, we will be fitting the volunteers and second round of models.  See below for an exclusive look of some of the pieces I may put in the…
September 10, 2013
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Forties, Fun and Fabulous

Loving the gorgeous weather Remember when we were young and the age of 40 seemed so old?  And some people celebrated turning 40 as if life was almost over?  Do a google search for "life in your forties."  A lot of the results are negative and doom and gloom.  Moi?  I had a big 40th birthday party to celebrate the next chapter of my life, the real thing, as my…
September 7, 2013
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Could You Use More Or Less White In Your Life?

My holiday stay at Myconian Luxury Villa Many people often think that white is the absence of color and can be boring.  But it is actually the opposite: white is the blending of all of the colors of the spectrum.  It represents a fresh start, a new beginning.  As a designer and an artist, I get excited when thinking of a blank white canvas.  To me, it means play time,…
August 31, 2013
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Presenting Heather Femia: The Fashionista DJ!

We all know that I am a big fan of women and their magical ways and talents.  So guess what?  I have invited Heather Femia, one of the hottest Fashion DJ's in existence right now  to spin live and work her magic as the models strut down the runway at the Fashion of Goodwill Fashion Gala on September 24!  Heather will be working with me directly to create a sexy, moody, and exclusive…
August 29, 2013
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Balance is Key: Heavy Lunch, Walk it Off, Then Light on the Dinner.

Yesterday I shared about the importance of starting each day with a healthy and hearty breakfast, even while on holiday.  It might seem tempting to "cheat" on your diet while travelling, but you will feel better and enjoy your travels more when you fuel your body properly. To that end, I wanted to share with you a few of the tasty meals I have been enjoying so far, like the spinach…
August 22, 2013