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Happy Saint Valentine’s Day to all those of you who celebrate it. For me, every day is Valentine’s Day. Every day is love. Love changes everything. Every day I am in love with love all over again. Love is all I have to give you. And you? What is love to you? Below are my thoughts on love…

Love is trust. Love is respect. Love is kindness. Love is loyalty. Love is open communication. Love is patience. Love is understanding. Love is passionate. Love is playful. Love is romantic. Love is adventurous. Love is acceptance. Love is sharing. Love is honest. Love is tenderness. Love is joyful. Love is dramatic. Love is chemistry. Love is unconditional. Love is healthy. Love is mysterious. Love is daring. Love is physical. Love is emotional. Love is sensitive. Love is spiritually fulfilling. Love is quality time spent together. Love is compatibility. Love is appreciation for one another. Love is believing in yourself. Love fills you with laughter. Love makes you cry out of happiness. Love is learning and growing together. Love is an exchange of energy between two whole beings. Love inspires you to become a better version of yourself each day. Being in love and loved by another is one of the most beautiful and deeply satisfying feeling that you will ever experience in your life even if it does not last. So if you are currently in love with that special someone, enjoy it and be present with it.

~Tu-Anh Love


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