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Happy Sunday! Can you believe the year is almost over? Many people speak of love and how much they love another, but how many are actually living the true meaning of love? 

Sunday is my favorite day, especially when it rains. There is just something soul-cleansing and deeply spiritual about the energy. While enjoying my morning coffee with Opera music playing in the background and sitting by the window watching the rain wash away the falling Autumn leaves, I was inspired to write about LOVE, my version of it.

If you asked me 10 years ago, my thoughts on love would have been different. But there is a reason why we go through heartbreaks, betrayal, and darkness in our lives. It’s the Universe’s way of testing us and helping us to grow and connect with our higher selves and knowing our inner truth. So here is where I am at today… as tu-anh love

Love is truth.

Love is kindness.

Love is freedom.

Love is respect.

Love is honor.

Love is protection.

Love is forgiveness.

Love is courage.

Love is generosity.

Love is unconditional.

Love is immortal.

Love is deep and passionate.

Love is connection and alignment of mind, body, and spirit.

And most importantly, love heals wounds and brings out the best in you!


Have you experienced anything of such with another? I have!

Photo Credit: Charles Martin. (November 2018)


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