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Currently of Prince Street-Old Town Alexandria

I said…

“I love Spring, but there is just something very sensual and romantic about the falling leaves and rich colors of Autumn and the feeling that arises within me, especially on a cold rainy afternoon.”

My Camelias are blooming vibrantly.

And he said…

“If Spring is the season of love than Fall is the season of mad lust. 

Spring for flirting.. but Fall for your untamed intense and unbridled desires.

Listen closely.. Those feelings that are arising within you are the truth girl.”

~Chuck Douglas

Enjoy this beautiful and Sacral Chakra-rich color below taken by him. Those colors are associated with our second Chakra, the chakra associated with sensuality and creativity. If you are missing some of that in your life. I suggest you make sure to get out in nature and go for a nice hike soon before the beautiful leaves all fall off the trees and turn into earth. And please do keep me posted on how you feel after that.

I am blessed to be surrounded by so many true titans who are always open to contributing to my work of making others’ lives brighter πŸ™‚

Somewhere beautiful in Virginia taken by him.

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