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Most men are not even comfortable enough in their own masculinity to wear jewelry. This one believes you need to be balanced in both your male and female energy to be powerful.

It’s not very often that a very manly, confident, and fearless titan comes into my life who inspires my creativity and awakens my soul. And he did exactly those things! My life is no longer the same since my short exchanges with him. Even though our time together was brief because I was leaving for my annual Goddess retreat in the Mediterranean, but every moment I spent with him was well worth it! He challenged me in mind, body, and spirit, especially from a very male perspective. Each time together with him was full of learning and discovering magical and unexpected life surprises. It was fun, creative, spiritually uplifting and thought-provoking. I felt safe, respected, understood, and protected when he was with me. We read each other’s minds on so many levels. He was a fast learner and could keep up with me and adapt to unexpected changes so effortlessly. Perhaps it was because of his athletic background or perhaps God created a real man in him to set an example for all the other men to follow? I don’t know and I will not guess, but all I can say is that it felt like I was with my masculine self.

He taught me so many life lessons without even knowing it. I do believe that he was an angel sent from heaven to help heal me of my emotional wounds, know my self-worth, and to never again settle for any man who is less than my emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual equal. He forced me to go within and look at all of the men in my life through a sharper lens, from family members to friends and lovers. What I discovered is that most of the men in my life currently are simply not strong enough for me emotionally and perhaps even physically, with one or two exceptions. πŸ™‚

Looking back, I would often lower my vibration, tone down my passionate nature and creative self-expression just to match the men I was with. But no more, I assure you. I am so clear of the man I want to be with in the future, and the men I want to surround myself with in the now. No more conservative and uptight ones who on the outside appear strong, yet are so emotionally weak and insecure on the inside that I am left feeling unsafe and unprotected when I am with them. Who is to blame for that but my very own self? I can’t believe it took me 46 years to figure this out (late bloomer, I guess…)

Tonight as I was doing my domesticated goddess arts at home, he came into my mind and it inspired me to polish and refine my tu-anh Love House Rules below for all those who are fortunate enough to be invited over. Please feel free to contribute to my list. I hope wherever this special manliness of a soul and God’s gift to women is that he knows I appreciate and respect him deeply. I am forever grateful to him for transforming my life and awakening my divine feminine with his existence. I am sending love and light his way. I will pray for him to always be his best and most powerful self as our world needs his masculine strength! Stay tuned for more inspirational posts to come inspired by my handsome manly Greek Titan teacher and healer!

P.S. Some of you may be thinking perhaps he and I were intimately or romantically involved. The answer is no. He was my titan muse, my angel protector, my inner strength, and my soul teacher! Perhaps one day…time will tell (smiles)



  • Susan Buchheit says:

    Not an Anerican!!!!!

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  • πŸ™‚

  • acbrisbane says:

    So happy for you! We women often don’t realize that we are incubators and men are seed-givers…we incubate good or bad seed and that stuff will grow. Looks like you found good seed in this new secure “titan”! If men truly knew that their real strength lies in their heart and not in their braun (intellectual or physical braun) they then can find security in themselves. By embracing where their real strength is and then move to use that heart to affirm and pull out the God-given beauty, strength and passion in the female she-spirit life would be much easier for them. A man who understands this also knows that he will automatically benefit from his woman’s natural response to him…and this benefit is usually greater than he imagines. What man doesn’t want a fully responsive female! Many males don’t realize that they posture external strength because they are looking for affirmation for a hole that’s their emotionally. Secure men typically don’t look for a woman to complete them because their completeness comes from God and within. Secure men look for women that there can be a mutual compliment. Again, here’s to deep and passionate!

    And, yes, not surprised he’s not an American:).

    • My Dearest ACBRISBANE,
      Thank you so much for sharing your deepest thoughts and insights. Every relationship takes 2 to tango. Sometimes it takes us women to step up and know what we want and what we don’t want and to speak up and express our truths. We as natural givers of love, light and comfort and if we don’t remember to give to us first, we are giving to others from an empty cup and it ends up being filled with hurts and resentments. Again I appreciate you for sharing and hopefully the men reading this post will be inspired by it…
      Much Love and Blessings,

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