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This knit dress is so comfortable, yet so sexy while flaunting just enough skin.

Red is passionate, red is hot, red is desire, red is courage, red is power, red is love, red is sexy, and red is spiritually grounding! And if you are in need to strengthen your root chakra, then why not add more red into your life?  Recently, I have been feeling a bit ungrounded, a bit lovesick, a bit out of balance, and a bit uncertain where my life is going. So guess what I did to bring my goddess confidence and sense of self back? Wear red, of course! Below are some of my favorite looks this Holiday season from our Goddess Collection at the sanctuary. Do you dare to flaunt your goddess hotness with one of these red numbers?

Here is the front of this gorgeous dress, keep the jewelry and accessories simple.
From my latest buying trip in Mykonos. This luxurious knit dress takes less than 30 seconds to slip on.
Here is another way to wear this knit dress!
This is so elegant, yet sophisticated and sexy!
There is nothing wrong with showing some back once in a while.
If you do not dare to wear red from head to toe, try a red tu-anh accessory instead!

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