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You know how much I love island life, which is why getting away to the clean air of the Mediterranean is a must for me every year, especially because I love being around water. It calms me, heals me, and, at the same time, rejuvenates me. Could it be that being a Taurus Earth goddess I need the water energy to keep me alive and balanced?

While I was in the Amalfi Coast recently, my must-do was a day trip to Capri for some shopping on the Capitano private boat ride. It was quite fun and refreshing. Capri is a colorful little island not very far at all from Naples.

It was a therapeutic and productive day.  Instead of taking the bus to the shops, I walked up the little narrow paths and alleys just so I could enjoy everything. Besides, it was good for my Root Chakra, too. I will show you pretty photos in later posts.

The weather was amazing. The food was fresh and delicious. And the fashions were clean, vibrant, luxurious, and simple in design. The people were stylish and glamorous without looking too polished and perfect.

I hope you like my photos of Capri fashion boutique windows in this post and what I brought back for our Fashion Sanctuary from Capri, too! Thank goodness for the iPhone. Makes life so much easier! We have been styling the Capri Collection on our boat outings here in Washington, DC along the Potomac River, too!


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