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Whites and neutrals in natural fibers are musts!

Did you know Sorrento, Italy has ruins dating back to 600 BC? You know how much I love the Eternal City of Rome, so on my recent buying trip to Italy, I made sure to head south by train to the charming and picturesque seaside town of Sorrento.  And I was definitely not disappointed!

Shopping was interesting and a lot of fun! I found so many pretty and unique styles of dresses and tops made from linen, cotton, and silks for our goddess fans. The food was delicious and the people were very friendly, especially the titans! πŸ™‚ I enjoyed my walks throughout the town, and I so loved seeing the different styles of architecture. Like many places in Italy, the fashion is well constructed, timeless, and unbelievably stylish.  And the food – what can I say?  Fresh and delicious!

I hope you like the photos in this post. I will be sharing with you more of Italy in the next few posts. Are you inspired to do some Italian travels now?

Dresses, hat, and soft leather walking boots…All purchased in Sorrento!
Effortless, comfortable, and simple…
This is really how colorful the town is in real life!
Goddess and titan fashion should be relaxed, polished, and easy!
Seriously, this was my typical daily eats.
Do you like your titan to match your style? I do! πŸ™‚
This is always my favorite after dinner and before my evening stroll around town.
I wish more goddesses would embrace this look here at home.
Wine and watching the sunset by the pool…my daily must!

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