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Fruits and veggies from West End Farmers Market every Sunday start the week off right.

I often get asked if I am ever tired and, if not, what is the secret? Well, it’s really not that complicated. I live every day with gratitude and joy. In addition to that, my body is my temple and I keep it healthy most of the time with whole foods and exercise.  My life overall is beautiful, happy, healthy, and full of creative self-expression and love.

The majority of the time, I do not allow anyone to bog me down with unnecessary emotional drama and, on top of that, I rarely put anything unhealthy in my body that could potentially damage or destroy it. I remind myself daily not to take life for granted and to appreciate all the blessings that surround me. So keeping my inner goddess healthy is not just about regular exercise nor is it only about getting enough sleep and drinking lots of water β€“ it also includes keeping a positive mindset and staying confident in my self-image and much more. Below are some photos of how I live each day to the fullest. If you are not living life in this way already, I hope this post will inspire you. Until next time…xoxo…tu-anh

Zen bedroom
My daily zen starts in the bedroom, a place to relax and rejuvenate.
My own creation to keep the body clean and moisturized.
My own body luxury creations keep skin soft and moisturized.
I like discovering pretty things along my daily goddess walks.
This is so addicting. I cannot go one week without a good workout at Solidcore.
It’s important to stay centered with a regular yoga and meditation practice.
Even this little bee knows how to enjoy life.
Feeling blessed and grateful to be healthy and alive.
My organic homemade goddess salad with fresh-grown herbs I planted.
nurturing garden
Nurturing the flowers awakens my soul.
Alone time is important to recharge
Alone at last by the water to heal and recharge the soul.

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