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It’s the sweet, pretty little flowers that brighten my day.

This past winter was very inconsistent and moody. I am so happy that spring has arrived – this is my favorite season ever! Perhaps it’s because Venus rules me, but spring is a time for rebirth and renewal.  I recently shared with you about how to make this season the time for a fresh green start in your life.  But that’s just the beginning!

This season is the season for you to awaken the inner goddess within. Whether she has been asleep all the winter long, or you are discovering her inside of you for the very first time, your inner goddess is ready to burst forth and feel alive again like the flowers and the trees in the photos below that I took. Not convinced?  Read my blog post about “What is a Goddess” to understand how you can bring out this aspect of yourself in your everyday life, especially during this season.

I hope you enjoy my photos in this post showing the new life springing forth all around us.  Go for a walk in the woods or along the river.  Make sure to stop and smell the fresh air, admire a simple flower bud, or the new leaves on your favorite tree.  And did I mention that if your Heart Chakra is blocked, this will be therapeutic for it? Make sure to meditate for a few moments on the wonders of nature around you under the sun and beautiful blue sky. Remember to give gratitude to Mother Earth and Father Heaven for the life around you.

This is the season to give birth to a new you and release all your potential and shine your light.  What are you waiting for?

Morning stretching under the sun for some Vitamin D.
This tree is so magical!
I love where I live, too! I walk Nini on this path daily.
How beautiful is the blue sky?
I love my morning walks along the Potomac River in Old Town Alexandria.
Feminine bonding with the Masculine.
I love my Sunday morning nature hikes.

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