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My lovely hibiscus cared for from my very own green thumb.
My lovely hibiscus cared for from my very own green thumb.

Usually when I’m talking greens to you, it has always been in the context of healthy eating. πŸ™‚  But today I want to talk about what you put on your body instead.  After all, spring has arrived and it’s Cherry Blossom season in DC, so I’m thinking about fresh colors for warmer weather.

The color green can have multiple meanings depending on the shade.  It can be a representation of prosperity, but it also signals a youthful energy as well as an open heart, which I think is apparent in these photos below of our Goddess fans showing off their favorite green dress from our sanctuary in Old Town Alexandria.

My personal favorite below is the linen Lingerie Bag for travel, available on our Shoptiques store. And if you would like to attract prosperity in your life this season, as well as heal and balance your Heart Chakra, I recommend my Silk Coin Purse in the emerald green design.

So if your heart is out of balance and you are also lacking wealth in your life, try adding more greens outside of food. Let me know if you have any styling questions – I am here always to assist you and make your life better. πŸ™‚

Goddess Laura in our beautiful Silk dress from our Italian Collection.
Goddess Monique in a Sexy-flirty green dress ready for a night out.
Sparkles, a goddess must have!
Goddess Erika feels her heart opening in our Parisian sweater.
My favorite linen lingerie bag, hand-embroidered in Vietnam.

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