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Some mornings, I replace my cappuccino with a cup of green tea which is delightful.

What is one of the top secrets to becoming a better you?

Eat better, of course!

I have shared with you many of my healthy eating tips and recipes before, and they extend beyond just your meals. In my opinion, when you eat better, you feel better, and when you feel better you also think better. All of that will result in you wanting to look better and upgrade your image to match your new and improved self. Automatically, the people around you will start to join in your healthy journey because you have inspired them. Keeping a balanced and healthy diet improves your energy level and mental focus.  Most importantly, your sense of self, your moods and your emotional well-being will ultimately improve dramatically; before you know it so will the world around you!

Through my personal experience, I have found that when I eat well, sleep well, stay active and make sure to get enough sleep, I feel so energized and happy.  Everyone knows that when I am happy, the world around me is happy because I am not very good at hiding my emotions. If you care about improving the world you live in, you can start now by first paying attention to what you put inside your body.

Below are some of my favorite ways to feed my body and keep it healthy. I hope they will inspire you. Please share some of your recipes and favorites as well. I would love that!

I love to start my day with yoga stretches and deep breathing, being by the ocean is my most favorite.
My breakfast usually starts with a fresh organic green smoothie. (almond milk, avocado, banana, spinach, cinnamon, and chia seeds.)
My version of Vietnamese Summer Rolls without the noodles inside.
I love my wraps for lunch. Simple and easy within minutes.
My homemade version of butternut squash soup. I usually like it for dinner.
I think my homemade Pho is even better than the restaurants. Just saying πŸ™‚

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