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Here is Carol's famous winning Pin-Up image by Portland Pin-Ups.
My personal manager, Carol in her famous winning image by Portland Pin-Ups.

Marilyn, Brigitte, Sophia, Elizabeth, Betty – are these names ringing a bell to you?  They should!  Men adore and worship them and women want to be like them.  These classic Pin-Up goddesses, known for their beauty, their seductive poses, their flirtatious glances, and their sexy alluring smiles with sparkles of innocence in their eyes were my inspiration growing up. I was fascinated by their tasteful, sophisticated, yet sexually appealing and feminine style. I love the voluptuousness and the confidence they exuded from the photographs and illustrations they modeled in. Of course, the photographers and artists had a lot to do with that as well.

Besides learning how to act and look like a lady (goddess) and embracing my feminine power from my Mother, I also looked to these Hollywood starlets who played a big part in my teens and young adult life. They have then and still now inspire me to create fashion that is beautiful, timeless, feminine, unique, and tastefully alluring. That is why I have a full library of Pin-Up books in my personal collection, and now I am sharing it with the public through one of my favorite publishers, Taschen. You can find some of my favorite Pin-Up books in our goddess sanctuary and online.

I love the sensuousness and the glam that these goddesses are about.  I hope these books and images will inspire more modern-day women to embrace their femininity and sensuality by allowing their inner goddess to be awakened, and most importantly, let the hair grow. πŸ™‚

Oh, and P.S. I hope you like the photo of my assistant above by Portland Pin-Ups. She sure knows how to pose like a Pin-Up, does she not? πŸ™‚

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Always having fun.
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I took this photo of Carol practicing her Pin-Up pose and dance.

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