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Day 31 of using Katresha's skincare regimen.
Day 31 of using Katresha’s skincare regimen. I just woke up and no makeup here πŸ™‚
My skin at 45 days of using Katresha’s skincare regimen. Here, I have a little of our organic loose powder and our Glow blush.

In January, I shared with you about my new direction and focus for this year, and earlier this week you saw some of my favorite hair and makeup looks from the 2016 Grammy Awards.  Obviously the celebrities who walk the red carpet at the award shows have an entire team behind them ensuring that not a hair is out of place. But I am here to tell you that all of that can be done on your own with very little effort. It just take a bit of discipline and commitment.

Besides having fun, eating healthy, dancing and exercising, and keeping a positive attitude regardless of the challenges I am facing, I also have a very good daily skincare regimen. I never or rarely go to sleep without washing off my makeup and applying eye cream. My mother did a great job of educating me in my teens on the importance of using quality skincare products. That sure did pay off because I am happy to share that presently,  I have as many fine lines around my eyes as a 24 year-old goddess does. πŸ™‚

This has been my skincare routine for the past 30 years. On my recent Yoga and Hiking retreat at The Pearl Laguna, I discovered an all-natural skincare line created by Yoga goddess Katresha, and I have been using it for the past 45 days. See my naked face above.

My skin has been feeling so soft and supple and looking fresh almost daily even during this very cold winter.  Even more appealing is that the fine lines are disappearing.  So I am happy to share that we are now carrying her entire skincare collection in our Goddess Sanctuary, and all of our goddess fans around the world can now have access to it! See below for a photo of Katresha and for my tips on how to use it.

Katresha, the creator and a goddess herself. You will not believe me when I tell you her age.
Step 1. The cleansing…
Step 2. Applying the eye cream morning and night after cleansing…
Step 3. Massaging the oil all over my face and throat…
Step 4. Moisturizing and I do this morning and night during the winter months…
If you have oily skin, the serum is good to use before applying the moisturizer.

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