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Applying Earth Goddess is a must do preparation for me before each meditation. Even when on travels, I still do not forget to meditate daily but most often in the evenings.

Meditation did not come so easy for me when I first started about 4 years ago. It was very difficult to just sit still in silence and emptiness.  But through much practice and a lot of focus on my breathing, I became quite good at it. Today, more than yoga, meditation is part of my daily ritual to deepen my spirituality and connect with my inner goddess energy.  As a lover of beautiful music, I choose to meditate with it rather than in silence. Meditating to beautiful music is so therapeutic and healing.  Below are a few of my favorite meditation music that I would like to share with you. They ignite the sensuality inside me and awaken my soul.  I hope you like what you hear and feel as connected to your heart energy as I often do. And please do share your meditation favorites, too.


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