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In the middle owning my goddess power jumping for joy.
In the middle owning my goddess power jumping for joy.

Sacrifice and compromise….the two most common words that I often hear my clients, friends, and family share with me.  Sound familiar? Do you often find yourself compromising and sacrificing for the sake of others? In the end, was it worth it?  It may be because you improved someone else’s situation, but are you yourself happy? Those two words used to be the only two in my vocabulary growing up.  But now in my wiser years, I am much more aware that by sacrificing and compromising my own happiness, I am not doing anyone or even the world justice. Sooner or later all those sacrifices and compromises will turn into upsets and resentments if I allow them to.

Can you think of three things when it comes to your life that you are not willing to compromise on?  I was thinking about that question when I was watching one of Steven Gaffney’s videos on his list of three “Non-Negotiables.”  I contemplated my own list after watching his short video. They were quite similar to his, but just a little goddess difference.  Below are the three things that I will not compromise on when it comes to my business and personal life.

  • Self-respect is first and foremost above everything else. I don’t ever allow anyone to take away my self-respect and goddess power and I let go of anything that no longer serves me, especially fashion that does not make me look and feel like a goddess. (smile)  I also let go of relationships that do not grow with me or make my heart melt.  My heart is the one thing that I respect and honor most. I rarely or almost never question it.
  • Keeping my word, which shows the quality of my character and those who keep their word with me earn my deepest respect and appreciation.
  • Open and honest communication with everyone in my life. My family and friends may tell you that I wear my heart on my sleeve. I know I do, but I just don’t know how to do it any other way. I think this is the only way to build great relationships in both business and personal.

I have quite a few more non-negotiables, but those are my top 3. What are yours? Please share.


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