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Our titans in their handsome made to measure J. Hilburn suits.

Gentlemen, listen up!  I have some essential advice for you. You only have one chance to make that first impression.  Whether it be climbing up the success ladder in your career, attracting that perfect customer, or seducing the woman of your dreams, you need to pay close attention to how you look and what you wear.

You often hear me say that every woman has an inner Goddess and every man wants to be with one.”  The opposite is also true.  “Every man has an inner Titan and every woman wants to be with one.” Where is yours?

In the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area, I am surprised to see so many men in ill-fitting and oversize suits in a corporate environment.  For the single ones, I wonder where they go shopping for their business attire, and if they are married, I wonder why on earth would their wives let them walk out the door so unpolished and so unrefined? 🙂 Well, we just don’t know, do we?

When not at work, most of their social wardrobes consist of wrinkly cargo shorts and big sneakers, or flip-flop sandals that should only be worn at the pool or for the beach. Even worse, their t-shirts have rips and stains on them and are way way too big. The funny thing is that these guys think that they’re projecting an appropriate image or maybe they are just simply clueless.

But these are not good excuses. Honor your inner Titan by taking care of your appearance: good grooming is essential at all times and clothes should always be clean, tidy, and tailored to your body.

If you take nothing else away from this blog post, remember this: Dress to impress and for where you want to be not where you currently are. Envision the life you want, Titans, and the type of people you want to attract in your lives, then begin to build an image that matches that vision.  Wouldn’t you want to attract that gorgeous and amazing goddess of your dreams and know that you make her look good as well? Is it time for that image make-over or upgrade? Email me and I or one of my style Goddesses will help you.  I hope you enjoy the photos of some of our Titans that we dress.  xo…tu-anh


Looking good outside of our goddess sanctuary.


Who would not want to be in the center of beautiful goddesses?


Socializing about their exotic toys.


How classy does he look?


We personalize our service and come to your office to save you time.


We always make sure you look your best leaving our sanctuary.


Enjoying the awakening of the senses in our sanctuary.



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