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Can you see the heart above the candle flame? Magical, isn’t it?

Since the launch of our Goddess Sanctuary on November 1, 2014, I have been getting many emails and questions coming in asking me about “How to be a Goddess” or “How to awaken the Goddess inside.” Interestingly, at the same time, many quality Titans are also asking me about “How To Attract that Special Goddess.” Well, I am here to tell you that it is not difficult, but not easy either.  But understand this: You are who you attract. Need I say more?

As I begin to share with you these secrets along the way, the #1 Goddess Rule that you must always honor…and that is…LISTEN TO YOUR HEART. Or, in this case, you can say listen to your gut, your intuition, or your internal spiritual guide.

For the past 43 years, my heart has been leading me.  There has been many ups and downs and mistakes made along the way, but all of those were the result of letting the head and other people’s opinions ruled over my heart. They had to happen in order for me to learn important lessons and realize my true power and life’s purpose.

When we live from the heart, there is unconditional love, there is forgiveness, there is kindness, there is truth, there is compassion, there is patience, and most importantly, there are no regrets and resentment. When we are true to our heart, everything will magically turn out with little effort.  People may let us down and betray us, but the heart never will. It does not lie and it will always be loyal to us.

Recently, in my business on the consulting side, I made some decisions based on my head, based on what others say, and based on the facts and data presented to me.  Although everything seemed so right and so perfect, my heart was questioning the situation. Instead of listening to what my heart was trying to tell me, however, I made an executive decision based on my head, and within weeks, what my inner goddess was sensing surfaced and it was not so pretty. The truth came out.

Once again, if I had listened to what my heart was trying to tell me, I would have prevented all that time and money wasted. But no more would have should have. I am moving forward and never again disobey my heart. πŸ™‚

Have you experienced what I have? If so, I hope you will take my advice and do not ever forget this #1 Goddess Rule. If your heart chakra is weak and out of balance, then you must work on strengthening it.  There are many exercises that you can do to help with that and connecting with nature is one of them.  I will give you some ideas about how you can get the Heart Chakra open and more balanced in my next post.

Love and Light to you always,




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