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One of my favorite things about living in America is the freedom to make your dreams come true. Nothing can compare to living in the land of opportunities where you can create almost anything that your heart desires, and I really mean it.  What better time is there than summer to commit to looking your best, inside and out?  Around this time last year, I shared with you about how healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring.

Since the birth of my Goddess Sanctuary officially to the public this year, my focus to awaken the modern woman’s inner goddess goes much further than just eating healthy. Now in my forties, fun, and fabulous stage, I feel that what I use on my body is just as important as what I put into it.  It is all about preventing and slowing down aging as well as living life with quality rather than quantity. That’s why the products in my Body Luxury collection are all hand-made in America with so much love, so much dedication, and so much passion with only the finest essential oils and the freshest ingredients. The beautiful rose petals and herbs that are in them comes directly from my Venus Garden, and I hand prep them myself before they go into production. It is when I am involved in such creativity that I feel even more beautiful, more feminine, and more powerful as a woman.

My therapeutic body luxury collection is not only well presented, but it smells good and awakens your heart and soul. It moisturizes and heals your skin. For those of you with a wounded heart, try Earth Goddess, it will help you greatly while smelling so beautiful. Use it everyday in place of your chemically-made bath and body products and soon you will experience the inner God and Goddess powers that you never knew you had. Oh and did I mention that Arabian Night and Chemistry have aphrodisiac ingredients in them? Most of them do…..See now why I love America so much? My next creation I am working on is matching perfumed oils.  Come by and visit our sanctuary if you are in Old Town Alexandria this weekend for Independence Day weekend.


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