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Candles, prayer, and meditation is one of the best way to heal spiritually.
Candles, prayer, and meditation is one of the best way to heal your heart.

I often get asked about spirituality and how to know if you are spiritually connected to someone.  To be honest, I have no idea. But I know from my own personal experience, a spiritual relationship is there to teach us a lesson. For me, this lesson had to do with my fear of abandonment and it goes back into my childhood.  It is a lesson I am learning to release, heal and let go.

To answer your question, a spiritual relationship is when two whole and balanced individuals coming together and completing each other in order to fulfill their life’s mission in serving humanity. It is the harmonizing of the Yin and Yang within them. The love they have for each other is unconditional and without any fears, hidden agendas, or secrets. This is a relationship that gives freely, shares freely, and loves freely without needing to question why.

When you have a spiritual connection with someone, your ego and public persona is put aside and you can be yourself and are not afraid to feel vulnerable around them because you know that they will protect you regardless.

When you spiritually connect with someone, it is beyond sharing interests, hobbies, material wealth, business, or such things. It is with them that you share deeper thingsβ€” values, dreams, and a way of looking at the world through love and truth. They inspire you to grow, have closure with your past, heal your wounds, be your best self, and pursue your dream.  They are your complement and perfect equal.  You both are connected at the heart and soul level. Even when you don’t see them or hear from them, you still know that they are there and they are with you in spirit.  How do I know this? I just do. πŸ™‚

Walking along the river in Rome.
Walking along the river in Rome was my therapy from the crowded scenes.
My favorite thing to do in Rome. Walking through the Borghese Park to get to the Gallery.
My favorite thing to do in Rome. Sitting at Borghese park and staring at the sky.

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