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Goodwill Before and after Polished by tu-anh
Goodwill Before and after Polished by tu-anh

Part of my life’s mission is not only to bring beauty, sensuality, love, and inspiration from around the world to those around me, but at the same time to be socially responsible while doing so.  One of the ways I give back to the community is by furnishing and decorating our goddess sanctuary with used furniture from Goodwill of Greater Washington.  Goodwill has been a part of my life since I was a teenager. Those were the days when my family did not have much money and resources and we had to be creative with what we had around us.

Now many of you will not necessarily consider a resale store as your first stop for furniture to decorate your home or work space, especially for a high-end boutique like ours. My team and I did a little polishing and a little refining on the pieces we found at the local Goodwill retail location in Annandale. Since opening, we have had so many compliments on the decor of our space and many actually asked about the pieces. They were shocked when we told them Goodwill was the source, especially the black vintage leather chair that we painted the trim white.  We nicknamed that chair “THE THRONE” since many of our male shoppers said they feel like a king sitting in that chair.

Shoppers enjoying themselves infront of the shelves we found at Goodwill.
Shoppers enjoying themselves infront of the shelves we found at Goodwill.

It is very important for me that I am always contributing back to society and inspiring those around me. That is what Polished by tu-anh is about.

The pieces were in relatively good condition. They just needed the tu-anh touch to come to life and harmonize with the feminine, luxurious and sensual essence of our goddess sanctuary.

Come see these pieces for yourself at 113 South Washington Street in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. We are there Tuesdays through Saturdays from 11:00am-7:00pm. Perhaps later this year, we may sell these pieces and go back to Goodwill for more pieces to polish and refine πŸ™‚

Sitting in The Throne with one of my dearest goddess friend, Fashion DJ Heather Femia. Oh how much I love her. We understand each other completely! May be because she is a Taurus just like moi πŸ™‚


  • Heather Femia says:

    I took a minute to read your post today. I was thinking as I read it “see this is why I LOVE” her. Then, I got to the bottom and saw our pic and I almost cried! I love you to death and our time together was atop highlight of my past year. I’m promising myself to do it again before the year is over. Mykonos in September is my motto I think!

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    • Hi Heather Femia Love, I feel the exact same about you. Our friendship is one of those that words are not needed to express how we feel. If only all others are this way. I love that you understand me and my need for all things beautiful, earthy, light, and sensual and how much fun we always have when together. But then again you are also ruled by Venus,too πŸ™‚ Love you forever more….xo tu-anh

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