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Earth Goddess is no longer lonely by herself.
Earth Goddess is no longer lonely. She has an equal by her side.

Earth Goddess: a sensuous symbol of life; a woman adored by men for her beauty and confidence. 

Hunter: a man of stamina admired for his strength, focus, and discipline. 

Although I created our goddess sanctuary with the modern day woman in mind, we have been attracting many sophisticated modern men, too. Interestingly, many of the gentlemen shoppers really love our Earth Goddess body luxury therapeutic creme. Earth Goddess’s natural ingredients was created to help heal and balance the heart chakra so that one can give and receive love freely without any emotional constraints.  I am sure you can relate to what I mean if you have been a giver all your life.  With all that in mind, every Yin has a Yang. I was inspired to launch Hunter so that Earth Goddess is no longer lonely.

Hunter was born on New Year’s day of 2015 at The Brabo Tasting Room.  I was having lunch with a girlfriend there after a nice massage at the Lorien Hotel Spa. It was not very crowded, but a bunch of nice, educated cosmopolitan men there. So I let them sample the scent of Earth Goddess and asked them if they were to think of a name for the opposite sex that is her equal, what would it be? I got all kinds of names from the men, but it was Brian, the smart, quick on his feet and outgoing bartender that was so helpful. He filled my brain with adjectives that described what Earth Goddess reminded him of. And so I screamed out HUNTER!!!! And so, the next few months was spent on perfecting Hunter with the same ingredients in Earth Goddess.

Hunter also helps to heal and balance a man’s heart chakra so that he can open up his heart and embrace his emotions with the woman he adores. The ingredients include:

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil for anti-aging
  • Avocado Oil for extra moisturizing and healing of the skin
  • Vanilla essential oil reduces stress and increase sexual desires
  • Lavender essential oil soothes the mind and reduces redness and inflammation
  • Eucalyptus essential oil helps with mental exhaustion, fever, and muscle pains
  • Sandalwood essential oil induces calmness, concentration, positive thoughts and reduces anxiety as well as cures colds and infections

Hunter, like all of our body cremes, is therapeutic, emotionally healing, and designed to preserve youthfulness and well being while stimulating your mind and open your heart.  So gentlemen, you may now purchase Hunter for yourselves and leave Earth Goddess for your other halves!

Earth Goddess kept the mosquitoes away from me while we were in Mexico.
My earth goddess self at my other favorite sanctuary, La Casa Que Canta.

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