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My daily love journal.
My daily love journal.

Happy St. Valentine’s Day!  I hope you like the post earlier this week about the history of today. I am heading out to our sanctuary for our “Open Your Heart” event today celebrating LOVE. If you are in the Old Town Alexandria today, stop by for some champagne and chocolates and share the love with us, anytime between noon-5:30pm.

I hope you like the piece about love below that was written for me from a beautiful goddess. It is as though she was in my heart when writing this. I believe we were for sure soul sisters in our past lives. Soon I will reveal to you who this sweet loving soul is.  Enjoy reading and have a beautiful day full of love and laughter.

Love… l’amour, el amore!

How splendid it is in all its wonder, in all its power, in all its healing. We all know what love is and if we really explore this ancient emotion so necessary for our survival, we will realize that yes, indeed, we have all loved because we are all human. To say that one has never been in love, why, that is like saying that a kitten has never put a smile on your face, or that flowers don’t make us happy and that our mother’s cooking isn’t divine. Love is not only between lovers or families and friends; it can also exist in the beginning and ending of all your thoughts, in all your speech and in all your actions.

When you think, speak and do with love, the universe will open itself up to you like a perfect rose. When your actions are rooted in love and you speak with kindness and compassion for others, then fear has no place in your life. Love makes you brave, it makes you wise, it makes you respect… it makes you forgive. How many times have you been disappointed in someone you really care about but couldn’t imagine your life without them? What drives you to still laugh with them, embrace them, bask in their company and forget the petty issues which happen because humans make mistakes? What makes you forgive and move forward? Love…it’s all love, and it’s always the answer.

The most vital relationship in your life is the one you have with your self. Self-love is so critical to practice yet many find the idea difficult, obscure and even selfish. But to truly admire yourself and love every facet of you is the most powerful thing you can do during your stay here in the physical world. It’s your responsibility to equip yourself with the right tools and practices to nourish your soul, and love yourself with magnificence. When you love yourself, you create a pact with your soul that you will forever be your own best friend. And as you learn all the fabulous ways to instill the greatest fondness for yourself, you will find that all the other areas in your life, like work and personal relationships, will synchronize to your newfound inner harmony. Self-love is the most important ingredient in achieving peace and serenity. It starts with reciting – without a shred of doubt – these seven proclamations. Write them down, memorize them, look in the mirror when you say them. And most of all, BELIEVE.

1) I am beautiful

2) I am kind

3) I am strong

4) I am amazing

5) I have many gifts to offer

6) I am blessed

7) I am grateful

Self-love is the #1 reason why tu-anh started her grand quest to provide a place where you can come and allow for this very important practice to thrive. At her Goddess Sanctuary, making you tap into your inner goddess or inner titan, while becoming totally thrilled and enriched by your own essence, are the heartfelt goals for all clients. You achieve your higher light by surrounding yourself with all that is beautiful, soothing, and makes you feel happy and alive. Drop by for a visit and experience the wonder that is you and release yourself to be gently escorted into a world of pampering, marvel and an illuminated path to abundant self-love.


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