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1111 is with me daily. My angels are supporting me in my love and light work.

1111 is with me daily. My angels are supporting me in my love and light work.

My darling goddesses and titans, I hope your 2015 has been full of beauty, inspiration, and love. If I could, I would celebrate Valentine’s Day everyday.  Life is a love story for me and is too short to not celebrate the love that surrounds us. I have been taking a little sabbatical from work and spending a lot of time alone to recharge and rejuvenate.  I have big plans ahead. So I am just making sure that I take care of my inner goddess before I can give to anyone else fully and unconditionally.

One of my favorite fans of many years contributed this article below and she thought you would feel enlightened by it. Soon, I will share with you more about this beautiful Persian soul and who she is. Enjoy reading.

The Story of St. Valentine

We are only a few days away from the biggest celebration of Love all year: St. Valentine’s Day! Have you ever wondered where the holiday comes from and what it stands for? The history of Valentine’s Day is the ultimate form of a Romeo-and-Juliette kind of love… a true story so heartbreaking yet so necessary for all to know and cherish. St. Valentine was a kindhearted Catholic priest who lived during the Roman Empire. The Emperor at the time, Claudius II, suddenly banned marriages because he believed his new, terrible law would encourage young men to join his army now that there were no more young wives the soldiers had to reluctantly leave behind. Two courageous priests, St. Valentine and St. Marius, thought this law was very wrong, and continued to marry young couples in secret. They believed that love truly conquers all and put themselves in great danger while performing the marriage ceremonies. They bravely kept love and marriage alive in the empire – as they had the divine intelligence to know that it was so wrong to deny anyone of love – risking their lives to protect and secure it.

Sadly, the priests were caught, imprisoned and sentenced to death. St. Valentine developed a secret friendship with his jailer’s daughter, sending her a farewell letter expressing the magnificence of love and how it is the most radiant, pure and eternal gift we all can have in our lives. He ended his note with, “from your Valentine,” hence the origin of sending cards to our loved ones for Valentine’s Day. The priests’ beautiful souls left the physical world on February 14th 270 A.D., giving their lives for being true heroes and defenders of love and marriage. This is the story behind Valentine’s Day: it is a tale of the ultimate sacrifice of two priests who fought to preserve everlasting love no matter what. Their efforts were never forgotten and these two holy men did not leave the earth in vain. Their mission to bravely honor love is still immortalized almost two hundred centuries later with our beloved yearly celebration of love on Valentine’s Day.

This Saturday marks 1,745 years since St. Valentine and St. Marius became angels on February 14th. Let us honor them by showing gratitude for the freedom we have today to love whomever we wish. History has shown that many star-crossed lovers like Romeo and Juliette, Mark Antony and Cleopatra, Napoleon and Josephine, Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal could not sustain their love here on earth. Shah Jahan, the ruler of the Mughal Empire, was so in love with his wife, that he commissioned the construction of the great Taj Mahal in her honor. The Taj Mahal took 20 years, 20,000 workers and 1,000 elephants to build. Today this glittering, breathtaking, imperial monument is a reminder and a glorious symbol of the extraordinary gestures love can make us do. Love is a true marvel that opens up every source of positive light, passion and every essence of purity and serenity in us.

We are only 7 weeks into the new year and the Universe is still awaiting to hear all of your fresh, whimsical fantasies and embrace your romantic wishes for 2015. In honor of St. Valentine, create a set of Valentine’s Day vows for you to follow and please kindly dedicate yourself to honoring them. A most valuable relationship is the one we have with ourselves, so write down all your heart’s plans to cherish yourself from now on and forevermore.

Join tu-anh at her Goddess Sanctuary this Saturday, February 14th from 11:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.  for “Open Your Heart Chakra” event and learn all about the art of loving. It will be a day of luxurious pampering and soothing wonder like no other. You will walk away feeling the spirit of St. Valentine in every action you take, with a heart full of gratitude and a lifestyle ripe and free with abundant Love!




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