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Dear God….Thank You for…

By November 27, 2014October 12th, 20214 Comments

For those of you who are checking emails today, thought you might like my note below that I wrote to God in my Journal this morning after meditation.  Everyday for me is a blank canvas that I get excited about painting and creating. The same goes for every client that enter our love and happiness sanctuary who give us the opportunity to polish their life.

Dear God,

Thank you for continuing to give life and health to my family and those so dear to my heart. Most importantly, I thank you for feeding my soul and nurturing my spirit with love, beauty, passion, and strength for the past 42 years.  I promise you for the rest of my life, I will continue to spread your light and all that you have blessed me with to everyone I encounter and every living thing that surrounds me…Yours Forever and Ever…~tu-anh

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL OF YOU!Β Thank you for being a part of this life journey with me…xoxo tu-anh



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