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I probably see this at least once a day, sometimes, 11:11am, 1:11pm, 11:11pm

When I was younger, my friends used to tell me to make a wish every time we saw 11:11 on the clock.  But it never really meant something until almost two years ago.  I was going through a place in life where – from the outside – it seemed that I had it all.  But deep down inside, there was this longing and desire to find my true self and my life’s mission: to spread love, beauty, and light to those around me.

And so, my journey for self discovery began. From dancing, to meditation, to launching my lifestyle blog, to Kundalini Yoga, to the latest, the launch of tu-anh Boutique! So I do believe that everything happens for a reason and that there are no mistakes. It is not a mistake that I discovered my physical angel #11, Lauviah.  It is also not a mistake that the address of our new boutique has #11 in it.

And just like that, I began to see 11:11 everywhere I went- from houses and license plates, to clocks, walls, text messages, and emails. Today, I still see 11:11 at least twice a day. Some of my staff members’ birthdays even fall on that date!  During this journey,  I crave to celebrate my moments of solitude and focus less on more extroverted activities.

Interestingly, during these moments of solitude of walking my dog through nature or relaxing under candlelight and beautiful classical music after a long day, that is really when my creativity bursts.  I don’t even need much sleep because the energy is endless and constantly multiplying. Ideas, vision, and other creative inspirations keep pouring out of me like there is no end and almost as though they have been waiting for this moment. That is the power of wishing on 11:11.

Want to share stories about the number 11 in your life?  Come by and see me at our goddess sanctuary.  I believe this stage of life is a rebirth for me. An exciting time where I am given the power from the divine to do something amazing and big…to inspire peace in the world by spreading love and light….everything I desire and envision coming to life.  Almost like having a magic wand. πŸ™‚

Animals and I have a special connection.
Alone time with nature inspires my creativity.
I believe in angels, do you?
I love being around children.
tu-anh boutique.
I often sit here with my dog and catch up on my reading.


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