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100% cotton Grecian style dress...comfortable, simple, sexy and elegant.
100% cotton Grecian style dress…comfortable, simple, sexy, and elegant.

I am so happy how everything is coming together so nicely for the grand opening of tu-anh boutique! I love how even our vendors are passionately working day and night to make our products because they believe in my vision, the vision of bringing love, beauty, harmony, and inspiration to those around me. Here is a glimpse into our sanctuary and what you can expect to see. Most of our clothing and accessories will be one of a kind or in limited quantity because I want every woman to feel special and unique. The merchandise will change almost weekly for that reason. You will always discover something interesting and new every time you shop at our boutique.  Don’t you just love all of the white as our overall look and feel? I cannot wait for you to experience it on November 1, only weeks away! Xoxo…tu-anh

p.s. the little cute dog is not for sale! That is nini and you will be seeing her on some days…:)



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