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Sensual, healing, and luxurious: Sampling of scents for tu-anh whipped body creme

Finally! After several months of testing and experimenting, we have finally narrowed down the ingredients, scents, and packaging for our luxurious and therapeutic whipped body creme collection.  Perfect timing before the official opening day of tu-anh boutique.  I am not sure if you knew, but smell plays a much more important role in our well-being than any of the other senses.

The sense of smell is directly connected to the part of our brains associated with emotions and memories and also has the ability to affect our minds, feelings, moods, and spirit, both positively and negatively. Think, for example, of rotten eggs or the smell of lavender while you are at a spa getting a massage.

If you would like to be more productive and alert, try burning or wearing scents with grapefruit, lemon, or orange in them.  In romantic relationships, smell also plays an important role in the attraction of two people, think vanilla, patchouli, ylang ylang and clove.

For years, I have never been able to find any fragrances, body cremes, or soaps that have the exact scent and ingredients that is to my liking. Because of this, I found myself always mixing my own scents. But soon, there will be no more of that!  For the last several months, I have put a lot of passion and energy into creating my own holistic body luxury products that smell good, feel good on your skin, and are also therapeutic at the same time.  Not only are they made with natural ingredients and essential oils, but they also have the sweet rose petals and lavender buds from my very own Aphrodite garden.  All to preserve your health and youth.

Below are just some of the essential oils used in my body luxury collection and their benefits:

Patchouli– helps reduce tension, insomnia, and anxiety, also an aphrodisiac

Orange– known to relieve high blood pressure, muscle spasms, and indigestion

Clove– known for its healing and aphrodisiac properties

Lavender– has both stimulating and calming effects on the spirit

Rosemary– helps open the mind to build memories and new insights

Avocado, almond, and olive oils– naturally moisturizes the skin, has anti-aging effects, and heals various skin conditions

Vanilla– eases stress and anxiety and induces a relaxed state on mind and emotions, also acts as an aphrodisiac

Eucalyptus– has universal respiratory health benefits as well as stimulating, rejuvenating effects on mood, also helps with colds

Stay tuned for the final products and my inspiration behind their names.


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