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Although I do not wear real fur that often, I do feel very luxurious in them though.
Although I do not wear real fur that often, I do feel very luxurious in them.

With the Goodwill Annual Runway Show that Polished by tu-anh is styling right around the corner, I thought you might want to have a little sneak preview of the fittings we did last weekend. (We will also have another one coming up this weekend with the rest of the models so stay tuned!) Because this year’s theme revolves around you, I wanted to help you to get your creative thinking cap on. Work does not mean that your wardrobe has to be all suits, ties, and glasses. As you can see in the photos I took below, work to me means all different types of professions and styles.  We have a collection of some unique and extremely well-made vintage pieces that will be featured on the runway, so if you are a fan of Vintage, make sure you are quick on your toes after the show is over because the pieces fly off the racks incredibly fast. You can still purchase your show tickets here. Looking forward to seeing you there!

photo 4 (21)
As usual, we have a crazy selection of great shoes for this season.
What job can you wear this to?  Something creative and not an office job for sure.
Our stylist Randy showing off one of the truly amazing hand-beaded vintage dresses that he found.
photo 2 (44)
Our event coordinator Leigh Frigm showing up to work in a Goodwill dress she bought.
This chic Vintage dress is perfect for the office. Think Mad Men and how chic the secretaries look.
Model Heather dressed in a performing artist outfit.  This is one of my favorite finds.
photo 3 (33)
Fashionably chic for a casual Friday?
photo 2 (45)
Disco anyone? Our stylists Randy and Ryann having fun on the job.
photo 1 (39)
What would a girl do without great heels?

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