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For those of you who have not seen my Facebook and Instagram posts recently, I am currently on a buying trip in Europe for my boutique and of course, the Greek Islands are a MUST destination for me. This is my second time in Greece and it keeps enticing me to return for more.  So, it looks like I will be visiting one Greek Island per year until I settle with one that I would like to be loyal to.  I love the Greek island atmosphere and resort-style fashion. It’s all so light, airy, natural, feminine, and earthy with a touch of glam and sensuality. I feel right at home here in a culture where you are encouraged to bring out your inner goddess and nurture your feminine soul.

Below is a sampling of what I saw in the streets and the boutique window displays of Rethymno, Crete during our stay. I will share with you more photos I took of the unique Old Town Rethymno.  You will definitely want to visit after you see my photos!

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