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Nini managing the team.

So it’s official! My dream and vision is turning into reality. Our tu-anh boutique will be opening this October in the heart of Old Town Alexandria. This will be a place for the special woman who appreciates all things feminine, unique, and luxurious, but extremely inviting and appealing to men at the same time. It will feel good, look good, smell good, and also be very inspirational with pretty music playing. It will cater to all your senses, including your sixth sense!

The decor will be white for cleanliness, purity, divinity, and freshness. The reason behind this is that I want to feel like I am on one of the Greek Islands at all times, especially during the cold winter months, my least favorite season!

You have no idea how excited I am to open this boutique! Stay tuned and I will share more.

Watch the funny video below of Nini, our office pet, nodding her approval as my team works on getting ready for the boutique.


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