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You have already met Leigh and Ryann from the Polished by tu-anh team in my earlier posts. So today, I want you to meet our newest Associate, Audrey Graziano!  Audrey’s experience as a super mom, supportive wife, and a part-time actress is perfect for what she will be doing at our agency. She is smart, quick on her feet, entertaining, highly organized, disciplined, focused, talented, driven, stylish, creative, a great team player and most importantly, an excellent communicator who is not afraid of confronting and driving people to get things done, a rare trait for a creative person.

In fact, she is so good that I actually hired her to be my accountability partner and personal trainer, too!  I have worked with quite a few trainers in the past, but they eventually gave in and let me have my way, even when it was not to my benefit. (probably because they were men…lol) But with Audrey, there is no excuses and whining or sweet talking with her, it does not work. So for the past 4 weeks, she has been getting me up Monday-Friday at 6AM to go run and lift weights, the two activities I dislike the most! But it has all been great! Believe it or not, I look forward to our time together each morning because she motivates, entertains, and challenges me to do my best and not give up. I think I am ready for a 5k now! (smiles)

Read more about Audrey below this gorgeous family photo.

Audrey with her beautiful family.

Audrey takes her top priority job as a wife and mother very seriously.  She is a great chef, a nurse, a personal assistant, a chauffeur, a sports fanatic, a health coach, a therapist, a secretary, whatever you name, she is it! And she does all of this wrapped up in a beautiful package. She is the ultimate cheerleader for her family, friends, and now…MOI! Her philosophy in life is to experience the life you have always wanted. Why not?

Over the years, she has been featured on various business and motivational podcasts, TV shows, and also hosted online health videos for top-of-the-line organizations.

Along with her zest for living a healthy and fulfilling life, Audrey is a philanthropist to the core, and loves to give back to the community and be of service to others. She is also a very spiritual and drama-free person. What a perfect fit for our team! Please welcome Audrey as you will be seeing her around with me often.




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