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Strengthen Your Workplace with Honest Communication

By July 21, 2014October 12th, 2021No Comments

You have heard me share with you in the past about honesty and how it can and will improve any relationship you currently have.  This is why I require that everyone on my team read Just Be Honest and listen to Notice vs. Imagine in order to get on the same page with me and make our jobs easier.

Many organizations don’t realize that the root of their many problems is due to the lack of open, honest communication. As you’ve heard me mention before, the key to any great relationship and creating a productive workplace is to get that unsaid said. This way, no one is wasting time on miscommunication, misunderstandings, and incorrect assumptions. Just the other day, I experienced a new employee making something up to give an answer to a vendor.  This happened right in front of my very own eyes. She certainly had good intention behind her response. Instead of saying, “I am not sure, let me find out and get back to you”, she just made up an answer.  I am sure this happens in your organization daily or even hourly. So what can you do about it? Arm your people with the right communication tools to handle that.

Imagine if everyone on your team was open and proactively sharing their ideas, feedback, concerns, and questions-think of how much more productive and efficient your organization would be! The ultimate reward is a thriving organization. Especially all the time you would save, time that you cannot buy back.

Below is a video by the leading expert in honesty and great relationships, my mentor and client Steven Gaffney. Listen to his 5 ways to immediately strengthen any team or relationship. Put it to use and be consistent. You will see powerful results and all will benefit.


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