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At some point in your life, you have probably heard crazy and inspirational stories about the power of a full moon or a new moon.  In addition, when the moon is closer to the earth, it is called the SUPERMOON, and the impact of its good and bad effect is even greater! Interestingly, I was out salsa dancing with my team this past Friday and the cops were all over the streets. To be safe, we took the taxi there.

I honestly was so into work that I did not even know this is the week of the Supermoon. No wonder this week was so chaotic and strange! The moon is associated with feminine power and energy.  For me personally, everytime around the new moon or the full moon, everything is intensified. I am more emotional, more impatient, more excited, more sensitive, more active, more irritated, more sensual, more passionate, and more of everything! My moods can go from one extreme to the other, both good and bad or happy and sad.  I feel sorry for those around me. Things that normally would not bother me became very bothersome, and I could not understand why.  This has been a rough week.  What a roller coaster ride! The energy of the Supermoon affected my emotions by 10 times!

This week, I did not meditate in the mornings daily like I normally do.  I skipped all yoga sessions that normally help calm and ground my active energy.  Pretty much, my week was running around at work, running with my workout partners in the morning and then dancing, all high energy activities. No wonder, I was all over the place.  The yin energy was missing.

Desperately needing my tu-anh alone time, I decided to stay in last night to relax and did my meditation under candlelight and aromatherapy. Before bed, I walked Nini, my chubby chihuahua, under the Supermoon.  I gazed straight at it without looking away for a long time and set my intention on a fresh and powerful beginning. Below are photos I tried to capture of the Supermoon.  How about you? What was your week like?


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