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Zsolt before and polished look. I much prefer him in the short hair.

Recently my good friend, Zsolt, the owner of Perfect Finish Auto Reconditioning came to us for help with his hair. He shared with us that the last time he had a haircut, the stylist messed it up and he has been traumatized since.  And his hair kept getting longer and longer because he did not trust anyone to touch it after that. So, of course, our Polished by tu-anh stylist Ryann Marie solved that problem. (see photo above)

Zsolt runs a reputable body shop in the busy Tysons Corner area of McLean, Virginia.  Like me, he’s an immigrant; his family came from Hungary years ago.  So we both have the strong work ethic and family values background in common.  Did I also mention to you that his attention to detail is even better than mine? That is why I trust him with my car and I send my clients to him because I know he will take care of them.

As you know, love is a big part of everything I do and how I live my life.  Everything in my life needs love, and of course that also includes the vehicles!  They get me where I need to go safely, so why not drive around in a nice clean car?

With all the fashion events, meetings, interior decorating projects, and running around my team and I do, it is no shocker that our car is not in the most polished condition. That is why I decided it was time to give the car some LOVE and attention. What perfect timing to have Zsolt come to us for help with his looks, because now we need him to help us perfect and polish our automobiles.

Check out the video below of Ryann Marie dropping off our unpolished company car for Zsolt and his guys to perfect.  By the way, did I tell you that not only is Zsolt handsome, but he has a deep and sexy European accent,too? (wink)


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