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Freshly picked from the garden.

We all know I love flowers.  But my absolute favorite is the peony.

Besides their fluffy and voluptuous blooms and their pretty scent, here are the other reasons why I love peonies…

They symbolize riches and honor.  In the Chinese culture, they are good feng shui which is why you see them everywhere and in paintings as well.
They also embody romance and happy relationship.  Who would not want that?
They are perennials.  This is what gets me excited every year during the month of May. They fill my garden with their beautiful blooms.

Below are photos I took of the peonies in the garden.  All you really need to do is love and nurture them and they will just fill your garden with beauty.

The color is so rich and lush, this is where I get the inspiration for my flower pins.
I like decorating my home and office with them.
You can mix them with roses in a simple an artistic arrangement.
photo 2
From one of my chinese scrolls, a nice feminine touch as a hair accessory.
Light and sweet pink color.


  • Timothy Carroll says:

    Lovely Tu-anh,

    We love Peonies and have a ton of them in the garden at home in London. Heading back there for summer for 6 weeks at the end of June and loving the Bahamas, a very different world to Surrey, England.

    Peace, Harmony, Laughter and Love to you,


    Timothy Carroll Your Performance Partner

    London – Nassau – Miami P.O. Box AP 59223, Slot 0603, Nassau, NP Bahamas +1242 4311203

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    • Hi Timothy!
      That is so great to know. Do send me some photos of them next year if you are around to see them bloom. Hope you are doing well and see you soon in the States!
      Big hug,

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