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Gorgeous flowers from my German family.
Gorgeous flowers from my German family garden I took last Sunday at brunch.

Tell me I am a hopeless romantic but here’s another beautiful poem from my friend Mali that I could not help but share.

A New Day
Mali Phonpadith (c) 2014

Your presence reaches me like the sun
Shining on me through winter snow and rainy summer days

Nothing, not even time, will take your love away

My hopes extend beyond these dreams
I am awake every moment, you bring me to life
Nothing compares to being next to you
through the stillness of nights

These waking moments, I savor them with each breath
My heart – free like wildflowers
being sprinkled by the endless clouds
I am more in love with life than ever –
singing my heart out loud

Your embrace takes my breath away;
pulls me like the moonbeams
Lighting up the darkest of evening skies
To the millions of teardrops that once fell from these eyes

I wave the sweetest farewell as they
float away like fireflies.

Like fireflies, starting a new day.


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