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As you know, besides love, honesty is an incredibly important value for me in all that I do and how I live my life.  It is also on our Polished by tu-anh code of honor and conduct. Especially, when it comes to “getting the unsaid said” – doing so will make work more productive and efficient in addition to helping you build stronger relationships at work and at home.

Today is National Honesty Day. It’s the perfect time to do an honesty check up on your relationships both at work and at home. Take a step back and look beyond the obvious lack of open, honest communication and really get to the heart of how you communicate with the people in your life.  Are you or they withholding information, ideas, and opportunities on purpose?  Or even worse, are you keeping hurt feelings and upsets inside that is causing you sleepless nights and stress? What about at work?Are your meetings unproductive because people cannot have difficult and honest conversations to resolve issues? So how is all that working for you?

Click on the image below for one of my favorite articles from a loyal client and mentor, Steven Gaffney.  It really gets to the heart of how honesty is the best policy in all your relationships.  When you practice the three steps below, it will become natural and part of your daily life. Make today, National Honesty Day the day you change how you communicate with colleagues, family, and friends, FOREVER! I promise you, it will change your life the way it did with mine.

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