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I have always believed in angels and their magical powers but the topic has been somewhat esoteric and a mystery to me until recently.

It was at the Celebrate Your Life Conference in Arizona where I met Kaya and Christiane Muller.  There were several vendors there including an artist that I really like whom I will be featuring later this month. It was the beautiful light blue booth display and Christiane’s angelic face that caught my attention to come up and meet Kaya and Christiane, a soulmate couple that travels the world to educate people on the traditional study of angels, dreams, signs, and meditation.

Below is a short blurb from the introduction of The Book of Angels to give you some insight.  Perhaps you already knew and I am just one of the last few to understand this.  But I feel so enlightened after learning of this and reading the book.

The traditional study of angels comes from the ancient times of the Judeo-Christian tradition, a very old secret teaching received by Jesus and all the great initiatives, which is known by the name of Kabbalah.  Contrary to many common beliefs, here’s what Christiene and Kaya said about angels:

“Angels are a part of us and our divine nature.  In fact, an angel is a state of greater conciousness that represents qualities and virtues in their essence and their original conception.  Our mission as human beings is to rediscover these states of consciousness and to use them to reprogram our thoughts, feelings, and actions.”

You should definitely read this book.  I am so thrilled that I discovered it.  We all have three angels: Physical, Emotional, and Intellectual.  One of mine is Lauviah, Angel #11. See the good aspects of this angel below and it is so fitting of my existing work, too.

This is so angelic to me. I took this outside of my beach cottage back in December of 2013 when I was at Castle Hill Resort for the Million Dollar Consulting College with Alan Weiss.


  • Victory
  • Renown, celebrity, success
  • Expertise
  • Life of devotion
  • Altruism, kindness
  • Receives the Light of God
  • Confidence, enthusiasm, joy
  • Successful initiations
  • Exalted love for Divine Work
  • Businesses that are useful and profitable for humanity
  • Can obtain anything from the great people of this world
  • Cosmic Organization

For the past two months, everyday, I have seen the number 11 or 1111 at least twice a day.  To me personally, it means that angel Lauviah is by my side and present in my awareness.  Lauviah is reminding me to focus my thoughts and actions on everything I want and desire because they will come true.  Remember when we were young and we see 11 or 1111?  What do we do?  We close our eyes and make a wish.  That is what I do! πŸ™‚ Happy Sunday! Love, peace, and harmony to you. xoxo…tu-anh



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